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Mice are the rodents that got me hooked in the first place (whereas the rats made a complete rodent junkie out of me!) My first mice were Hickory, Dickory and Doc (creative, huh?)

There was just something about Hickory...he was a very unusual mouse. One of my guides in physical form, maybe? At any rate, he changed my mind about what it meant to be a companion of other animals species. I got more educated, more militant, and when I can afford to, I put my money where my mouth is. The welfare of animals is one of the few things that give me courage, and its all because of a little agouti cutie named Hickory. You can see him on his memorial page. Here are some of Hickie's beneficiaries.

Once upon a time I had three boy mice who lived together happily, Sparkey, Patches and Badger. They were fine until they hit puberty. Then they began to fight, Violently. (Sparkey required surgery to recover from a fight. I shouldn't have let it get that far--if males begin to fight--separate them. Neutering doesn't always help either. I've only had one success with neutered males--and the procedure is an expensive (and for the mice, dangerous) crap shoot. I'd rather they lived alone than take a chance with their lives. Sparkey got neutered since he was already in surgery, but I wouldn't put them under again just for that procedure.) Lone mice require a lot of interaction as they can become neurotic to the point of self-mutilation. But with enough environmental stimulation, toys to play with, and time spent together, this can be avoided. Usually.

The boys in happier days.

Sparkey, Jane, Delilah and The Spunky Monkey

There's little Sparkey, pre neuter. Now he gets a harem, which I figure is only fair after what his brother Badger did. (You don't want to know. Especially if you are a male.) He lives with 3 Little girls now. Here they are:
Delilah having a little nosh, and then a tinkle.

Sweet Jane, being the curious, dainty lady that she is.

And, The Spunky Monkey, perched and ready for action.

Mr. Sparkey Thunderpants and Sparkey and Sweet Jane, his lady-friend.

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