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Finnbar and Jackie-bird
Two finches who love beaking off at nothing all day, especially Jack. What a racket.
Finnbar is partial to giving you the big hairy eyeball, one eyeball at a time. I swear he can turn his head right around. He hangs out on his rings mostly, yanking on them, or ringing the bell at the very bottom of them. He also loves collect torn up strips of toilet tissue. I hang them all over the cage. He collects them and puts them in the nest (behind him.)
Jack likes to take the bits of tissue out and take them for walks around the cage (like Finnbar's original roomie, Patrick, did.) He also likes to dump them in their drinking water, which he prefers to their tubbie for bathing purposes. Jack is just a noisy slob. Gotta love him, though. He'll squawk at you if you don't.
Ricki (also known as "Jabba the Cat")
No, she's not dead, she's sleeping. She always sleeps like that. Not very becoming for a lady, is it?
My dear, toler-rodent husband. Having a little snooze amongst the rat paraphenalia that litters our home.
And me....
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Ratty background courtesy of the lovely and talented Bella