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Booms was my first rat ever. He picked me. He was in the back room of a pet shop, in a "feeder" bin. This bin was a Tupperware box about 12"x16" with 5 PEWS and Scottie in it. To think that the life that is my Boomer-man may never have been gives me chills. Still, the lives given in his and Scottie's place--we didn't think of that--who would they have been?
Always the alpha, he ruled gently, and put up with Scottie's nonsense and behavioural problems with aplomb. Or at least he did until he got old and grumpy. Then he just power-groomed Scottie whenever he deemed it necessary. Scottie loved it. We lost Scottie during the night, 30/08/02. Six weeks later, Boomtown followed Scottie.  

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