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Digger and Twitch

Digger (the white feller) and Twitch at their finest. They're old gaffers so they do sleep a lot, but when they're up, boy are they ever up. They're handy fellows as well, as they make their own bedding. I just give them clean, microwaved (to kill bacteria) egg crates and unbleached paper towels and away they go--chew chew chew. Sometimes they'll get an empty food container, although I tell my husband not to do that, as you just never know what's in the dye. You'd think if its a food container it'd be safe, but you'd be surprised.
If you look close, you can see Twitchy's scent gland on his belly. Just shameless he is--absolutley shameless.

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Ratty background courtesy of the lovely and talented Bella