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Freep the Creep Sheep and Biscuit

Freep the Creep Sheep and the very shiny Biscuit

Unfortunately, I've yet to really capture the "Elvis pompadour" that Freepie sports. Or the unbelievable mess his hair really is. The little "furricanes" where the fuzz swirls on his body are a must see, I think. Yes, we did pick him out of pity. There were far more handsomer pigs than he, and we worried that no one would love him. Turns out, anyone would have--he has such a blithely superior attitude! He takes it for granted that the entire universe exists for the convenience of his appetite. Biscuit, while very shiny and good-looking, is a nervous Nellie, and scared of his own beans practically--unless there's food involved. I suspect either one of them would rip heedlessly across a minefield if they thought they just might have seen a bit of carrot lying about unprotected.

(And yes, I know that technically they may not be rodents, but just lookit  this pig sausage--they're too cute!)

Found it! An old picture that captures Freep's fabu hairdo! Too bad the Background is white....

An Ode to Guinea Pigs

My guinea pig has no chin
Just look at the state he is in
I feel such great shame
tho' I'm not to blame
My guinea pig has no chin

My guinea pig has no legs
I've looked-they're barely just dregs
The fur on his belly
is slightly more smelly
My guinea pig has no legs

My guinea pig has no brain
Tho' he looks at me with disdain
he's in a good mood
since he's poo'ed on his food
My guinea pig has no Brain

My guinea pig has no tail
But to balance he need not avail
As I've mentioned before
He's low to the floor
My guinea pig has no legs

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Ratty background courtesy of the lovely and talented Bella