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Miss Sneaky Mushpie

  A trio of Cheerios trembles in fear.                           
A mouse, and a mouse.
Miss Mushpie's as large as a house.
A mouse as big as this
Is a lot of mouse to miss.
Though not so big when she died,
The space she left was big--inside.
A mouse, and a mouse...
One is missing from my house.

Miss Mushpie finally succumbed due to her fluid retention (that's why she's so big.) She suffered a pulmonary edema and died. She lived for a year on Lasix to combat her weight problem (note that not all mousie weight problems are fluid retention--see your vet--that's what I did with Miss Mush.) Mushpie lost a bit of weight, but as she grew older it crept back up. Finally it just got to be too much for her old heart to handle, and she left. She was a sweetheart. Took her medicine twice a day like a good girl, lapping it up out of the end of a needleless syringe.

A wonderful mouse was she.

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