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Hamlet is just a goin' concern. These are the best pictures I have so far. Most pictures I have show an empty frame where a hamster was.
His name really suits him. He's insane, (like the literary Hamlet) and he's not quite big enough to be a hamster, but big enough to be a Hamlet! He's bonkers, but I love him! (Who wouldn't?)
He has never bitten, and is always interested in exploring your hand, whether there's something in it for him or not. Oh--and he loves his sand bath.

Zoey-monster is our antisocial little hamster-woman. Rescued by the humane society from a neglected home (along with other animals) Zoey came to us with a horrible urogenital infection. Four courses of antibiotics later and she seems to be okay. She's a sweet girl who, though shy, has never bitten, and has no problem letting you know its time for her run in her hamster-ball. She loves ripping around in that thing.

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Ratty background courtesy of the lovely and talented Bella